At Cardiff Books we pride ourselves on the quality of our books and the descriptions that we give in order for potential buyers to have a good understanding of what we they are buying. We understand how important it is to be accurate and we try to be as accurate with our descriptions. However, sometimes little things do escape our notice and if you are in anyway unhappy with your purchase because we didn't describe it accurately then please get in touch and we will do all we can to rectify the situation.

Book Condition Descriptor

To help you decide about the quality of our books please refer to the following guidelines. Please note that if a book has a dustwrapper we will describe the condition separately.Vikings by Magnus Magnusson

As New - Possibly unread, clean, crisp and bright

Very Good - A book that has been carefully read and shows only limited signs of reading and storing any obvious defects have been pointed out. 

Good - The book may have some scuffing or rubbing to edges and may have yellowed pages.

Fair - In acceptable condition, may show signs of heavy wear with tears and heavy rubbing or scuffing. Complete and readable

Poor - As you may expect this is an item that may have pages missing and is probably not a good copy for reading.