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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Working or Not

The phenomena that is Black Friday and the follow-up Cyber Monday, what do they mean to you? For me as a bookseller they mean very little. We were offering 20% discount over this period, yet nobody took advantage of these offers, so who does gain? Of course Black Friday events have proved popular both on-line and on the High Street, but who benefits? Do retailers use these occasions as loss leaders or are products marked-up so high that they can afford to slash the price and still make a

Edged Weapons
Edged Weapons


It would appear that electrical goods do very well. Computers, TV’s and other media devices, white goods and furniture, to name but a few seem to lead the field as prime targets for Black Friday. Books on the other-hand not so much so, it would seem..

Some retailers view Black Friday as the lead up to Christmas, from Black Friday onwards the cash tills start ringing and ringing.

Is it a con?

Some research seems to suggest that many items offered at allegedly huge discounts have actually been on offer in the same stores at cheaper prices at other times of the year, so yes the evidence seems to say that it is. Retailers have jumped on this band-wagon and promise cheaper than ever prices, but are they really? Research once again suggests that prices in July are often cheaper than they are for Black Friday.

So beware!

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