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Life as an on-line bookseller

Artscapes Tasmania
Artscapes Tasmania by Wolfgang Glowacki

I’ve been selling books online for about 10 years or so, whilst you may think this is a pretty mundane sort of job it has had its interesting days and it does mean that my days are my own to fill. A typical day will comprise of the following activities.

Listing books – I sell on a variety of different sites such as Amazon, ABE Books and Biblio, to name but a few. So when I list a new book it is usually uploaded to at least four different sites.

Collecting books from my lock-up – I have a lock-up containing around 50,000 books which are stored on shelves and in boxes all labelled in order to find a book.

Wrapping and shipping books – All books sold are wrapped in bubble envelopes and sent to their destinations within a couple of days of receiving the order.

Additionally I will spend some time answering customers queries, researching books and collecting new batches of books.

One of the biggest headaches I find is that of inventory management and culling old stock. Both of these have led me to problems, resulting in receiving orders that I can’t process because the book has been previously sold, or moved to a different location without me making a proper record of it. I am currently carrying out a stock-take to try and rectify some of these problems. It also gives me the opportunity to reprice some books that have been held in stock for a very long time.

As you can see this is all quite time consuming and sometimes challenging, but also rewarding, especially when I pick up a rare or unusual book for only a few pence.

I will try and add to my blog at least once a week, telling you about different books that I have come across and even point you to some bargains on my new website.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts!

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